Why engage a digital company secretarial firm?

Thinking of engaging a digital company secretarial firm? Here are some compelling reasons why a digital company secretarial firm is the better partner for all your business needs.


Team @allproconsultants.com

4/28/20232 min read

What is a digital company secretary?

Appointing your company secretary will be the next step after your company has been registered. The Companies Act requires that a company secretary be appointed within 30 days of the incorporation of the Company. It is common these days to see terms such as digital company secretaries, and online company secretaries. What services do these firms provide and how are they advantageous to the business community?

The rise of digital company secretarial firms has made them a top choice for new startups, thanks to their efficient online processes which eliminate the need for extensive paperwork. This trend has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has led to a surge in demand for remote work and online operations. Consequently, digital company secretarial firms have become more attractive to new entrepreneurs who are seeking streamlined and convenient solutions for their company secretarial needs.

The legality of digital secretarial firms

Digital company secretarial firms in Malaysia are legal, as long as they are run by / employ qualified Company Secretaries who are members of the prescribed professional bodies as outlined in the Companies Act 2016 and are licensed by the SSM.

What advantages do digital secretarial firms have?

There are many compelling reasons to consider engaging a digital company secretarial firm. 4 main reasons would be :

  1. CONVENIENCE: Digital company secretarial firms offer online solutions that eliminate the need for manual and extensive paperwork, making it much easier to manage your company's needs and fulfill immediate requests. You can register your new company from anywhere in the world without leaving home.

  1. COST SAVINGS: As much of the mundane work is done using digital processes, most digital firms do not have to be labour-intensive. The cost of hiring staff is reduced and these cost savings are then transferred on to the client. Your secretarial fees would be lower, and the cost of printing and stationery will be reduced, as more digital firms are paperless to a large extent.

  1. EFFICIENT SERVICES: As most traditional processes are digitalised, company secretarial tasks can be done quickly and efficiently. The process of incorporation which could take up to a week or two, is now carried out within 2 working days by the adoption of e-signing and e-KYC processes. Most firms have web or mobile applications that allow you to gain access to your own secretarial documents.

  1. RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS: Technology makes for more open communications with the Company's stakeholders via video conferencing and virtual meetings which ensure regular and better collaboration with clients. This saves the time it would have taken to have face-to-face meetings.

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